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Scaffolding tubes (also called scaffolding pipes or scaffolding poles) are often used in tube and fitting scaffold. As the core component and main load-bearing carrier of the tube and clamp scaffold, vertical tubes are connected to horizontal tubes via double couplers. diagonal tubes are periodically connected to the scaffold via swivel couplers in order to stabilize the scaffold.

Qualified scaffold tube should meet EN39 and BS1139 standards.

EK is a Chinese scaffolding tube manufacturer. We provide black scaffold tube, metal scaffold pole, galvanized scaffold tube, stainless steel scaffold tube, aluminum scaffold tube, and we will cut the tube strictly according to customer requirements.


Types Of Scaffolding Tubes From EK - China Scaffolding Manufacturer And Supplier


Black scaffold tube generally means that the welded steel pipe will no longer be galvanized or any other surface treatment after the annealed process is completed. Then the surface of the steel pipe will be oxidized and blackened.

Different sizes of black tubes have other purposes. Small black scaffolding tubes are used for all scaffolding systems, ring lock, tube lock, and cuplock scaffolding, etc.

Big diameter black scaffold tubes are used for heavy-duty post shore props, bridge leg post, heavy-duty shoring system scaffolding system components, and parts manufacturing.

Material: Q235/Q345, Standard: bs, BS 1139
Surface: Black Varnished, Galvanized or As required

Galvanized scaffold tubes are hot-dip galvanized black scaffold tubes. The processed galvanized pipe is weather-resistant, prevents rusting and corrosion. Therefore, galvanized scaffold tubes and scaffolding couplers are commonly used in tube and coupler(clamp) scaffold. It is the core part of the tube and coupler scaffold.

Material: Q235/Q345 Standard: EN 39, BS 1139
Surface: Galvanized


The aluminium scaffolding tube is made of aluminium alloy with a diameter of 48.3mm and a length of 6m.

It is lighter than the galvanized scaffold pipe, about one-third the weight of the galvanized scaffold pipe, and stronger than galvanized pipe. The shear strength of a round aluminium pipe exceeds 170 Mpa.

And because aluminium alloy materials are more resistant to corrosion, they can meet different use conditions and requirements.

Material: Aluminium alloy
Standard: BS 1139 -1.2, EN 755 and AS/NZS 1163

Scaffolding Tubes
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