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How To Choose Formwork Prop?

Formwork prop is an important tool for building formwork as a temporary support during construction. They are responsible for transferring the loads received when the structural concrete is poured to the ground and act as supports once the necessary strength has been achieved to absorb the necessary stresses before the structure is put into service. All Formwork prop components, pins and inner and outer pipes are fully hot dipped galvanized before use, this high quality material provides long term rust protection making the formwork prop last longer. The height of the Formwork prop is adjustable via a wide diameter thread on the outside of the tube. The use of threads means that the struts can be screwed

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What Is Scaffolding Fork Head?

Scaffolding prop go by several names, including shore posts, acrow props, acrow jacks, and adjustable props. The steel prop is a telescoping tubular steel stanchion, adjustable in height via wide diameter threads on the outside of the tube, or via a loose pin through a series of holes in the inner tube. Scaffolding fork head is a kind of construction equipment used for temporary support, and it is also a beam support part of concrete slab and beam formwork, mainly used in the formwork industry. The scaffolding fork prop is also called the ceiling head, and the scaffolding fixed fork head is composed of four angle irons, a bottom plate and a socket joint. Universal prong spacing allows

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