aluminum beam

Aluminum Beam

Width: 450mm
Color:White,Brown and Anthracite Grey
Material: Aluminum alloy extrusions
Package: Pallets
Surface Treatment: Sandblasting, polishing, Brushing
Production Equipment: Manual welding, Robot welding

Aluminum Beam Advantage

1. Factory direct sale
2. Rich production experience
3. Experience: 12years
4. Different lengths are available
5. Customized requirements can be me
6. Location: Port, Airport
7. High quality and fast delivery

Aluminum Beam Process

After the aluminum tube is purchased, the factory needs to cut the aluminum tube into a suitable size and shape. Different types of aluminum beams require different sizes of aluminum tubes.

Welder will weld the cut aluminum tubes according to requirements of the drawing, usually two welders will weld in a group. After the welding is completed, the aluminum beams also need to be surface treated and packed.

EK professional QC merchandiser will check the aluminum beam after packing, and send photos to customers to inform them of packing time and other information.

Aluminum Beam Details

Types Of Aluminum Beam

Our company is engaged in supplying all types of safest scaffolding materials with fast delivery time and competitive price. No matter you are distributors, contractors, or factories, you will always find what you need from us. We are committed to be honest and reliable scaffolding and modular houses supplier and manufacturer, pursuing long-time cooperation relationship.

Shape: Aluminum lattice beam, Aluminum scaffolding beam-X,aluminum transom truss, aluminum truss

aluminum beam

Aluminum Lattice Beam

aluminum beam

Aluminum Scaffolding Beam-X

aluminum transom truss

Aluminum Transom Truss

aluminum transom truss

Aluminum Transom Truss

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