Aluminum Scaffold Tube

Aluminum scaffold tube is a kind of non-ferrous metal tube, which refers to a tubular metal material made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy by extrusion processing to be hollow along its entire length in the longitudinal direction.

Aluminum Pipe / Tube is a machined part widely used for all industrial projects where lightweight and corrosion resistance is the primary concern.

Aluminium Scaffolding Tube is designed for the traditional Tube-Fittings Scaffolding to support construction projects by providing a solid and elevated platform for workers and equipment. It is suitable for most metal tube applications.

An aluminum scaffold tube shall conform with BS 1139-1.2:1990 standard, and its mechanical properties shall meet with BS EN 755-2:2008 standard

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1.How Is Aluminum Scaffold Tube Made

EK produce aluminum scaffold tubes by extrusion, e.g., using a process using a mandrel, a bridge die, or a porthole. A tube in its finished state shall show no sign of an unsound weld. Tubes shall be extruded aluminum tubes complying with the requirements for alloy 6082-TF (formerly HE30-TF) as specified in BS 1474.

A tube shall not deviate from a straight line by more than 1/600 of its length, measured at the center of the length.

Tubes shall be clean and free from detrimental defects, and the ends shall be cut cleanly and square with the axis of the pipe.

In practice, most customers required their aluminum scaffold tube made of EN-AW6082-T6 alloy materials. And be manufactured to 48.3mm diameter x 4.0mm nominal wall thickness.

2.Where Can Aluminium Scaffolding Be Used

Regarding the application scope of the aluminum scaffolding, it is mainly divided into indoor and outdoor.

First, let’s talk about the indoor applications of aluminum alloy scaffolding.

  • New house decoration, painting, and wallpaper
  • Changing lights, cleaning high places, maintenance monitoring, etc.
  • Build stage, auditorium, concert
  • Load and unload goods in shopping malls and supermarkets
  • Shopping mall maintenance, hotel decoration, high-altitude operations at subway stations
  • Tunnel maintenance, aircraft maintenance, and other construction
  • Warehouse storage, inventory goods
Next, let’s talk about the outdoor uses of aluminum alloy scaffolding.

  • Build a house, build a wall
  • Facade decoration and painting
  • Street trees, street lights dress up
  • Bridge Frame
  • High-speed railroad construction
  • Aerial work in gardens
And because the aluminum scaffolding has movable caster wheels, we can adjust the casters up and down 40cm freely. Therefore, the aluminum scaffolding can adapt to different terrains, such as stairs, steps, slopes, uneven ground, etc., significantly improving construction efficiency. It also saves time and workforce. Aluminum scaffolding has a wide range of uses in our daily lives and has an increasingly irreplaceable role.

3.Galvanized Scaffold Pipe VS Aluminum Scaffold Pipe


Aluminum pipe is about one-third of the weight of galvanized steel pipe.

Benefits of Aluminum Scaffold Tube:

  • Abundant material that’s widely recycled.
  • Improved handling safety.
  • Increased productivity and less operative fatigue.
  • Transportation efficiencies, i.e., more tube per truckload.
  • Highly resistant in saline atmospheres, e.g., coastal or offshore works.
  • The aluminum scaffolding parts are light in weight and easy to install, transport and store. The weight of the scaffold is only 1/3 of the traditional steel structure scaffold, so there is no need to worry about crushing the ground.

The evolution of aluminum scaffolding has allowed structures to be used in both the supporting aspect on construction sights and increase the speed aspect in erecting and constructing. The reduced weight can allow labor to increase productivity by over 50% and reduce timeframes for erecting by over 50%. This can drastically increase efficiency in completing projects, allowing companies to complete more work over a smaller period.

Aluminum scaffolding can require less care than steel due to the deterrence of corrosion and rust from humid areas and weather. The light weight system will also allow less wear and tear on the user, thus providing more enthusiasm in constructing the product, and a longer physical stab.

4.Which Type Of Coupler Shall Be Used With Aluminum Scaffold Tube?


Usually, the aluminum scaffold tubes match with aluminum clamps, and it also fits for steel clamps. Detailed using, please follow the local regulations and the designs.

Aluminum tube clamps are ideal for use in harsh environments (such as Marine works) because they are corrosion resistant and in controlled environments such as clean rooms. They can also be used as an alternative to manufacturing to construct all-aluminum structures or construct temporary or portable systems such as trade stands, banner racks, stages, or lighting fixtures because they’re very light.

5.Aluminum Scaffold Tube Weight

Outside Diameter of 48.3mm aluminium scaffold tube, with wall thickness 4.0mm:
0.5m Length, the weight is 0.76kg/pc
1.0m Length, the weight is 1.52kg/pc
1.5m Length, the weight is 2.27kg/pc
2.0m Length, the weight is 3.03kg/pc
2.5m Length, the weight is 3.79kg/pc
3.0m Length, the weight is 4.55kg/pc
3.5m Length, the weight is 5.30kg/pc
4.0m Length, the weight is 6.06kg/pc
4.5m Length, the weight is 6.82kg/pc
5.0m Length, the weight is 7.58kg/pc
5.5m Length, the weight is 8.33kg/pc
6.0m Length, the weight is 9.09kg/pc

Outside Diameter of 48.3mm aluminium scaffold tube, with wall thickness 4.47mm (British Standard BS1139):
0.5m Length, the weight is 0.84kg/pc
1.0m Length, the weight is 1.68kg/pc
1.5m Length, the weight is 2.51kg/pc
2.0m Length, the weight is 3.35kg/pc
2.5m Length, the weight is 4.19kg/pc
3.0m Length, the weight is 5.03kg/pc
3.5m Length, the weight is 5.86kg/pc
4.0m Length, the weight is 6.70kg/pc
4.5m Length, the weight is 7.54kg/pc
5.0m Length, the weight is 8.38kg/pc
5.5m Length, the weight is 9.21kg/pc
6.0m Length, the weight is 10.05kg/pc

Or in feet:
20ft Length, the weight is 10.21kg/pc
16ft Length, the weight is 8.17kg/pc
13ft Length, the weight is 6.64kg/pc
10ft Length, the weight is 5.11kg/pc
8ft Length, the weight is 4.08kg/pc
6ft Length, the weight is 3.06kg/pc
5ft Length, the weight is 2.55kg/pc

6.Aluminium Scaffold Tube Strength

Comply with BS1139-1.2:1990, the mechanical properties of the aluminium scaffold tubes shall be as fellow:
Tensile Strength, no less than 295 N/mm²
Yield Strength (0.2% proof stress), no less than 255 N/mm²
Elongation (A) on a gauge length of 50mm, no less than 7%

Actually, EK’s aluminium scaffold tubes (6082-T6, OD48.3mm x WT4.47mm) have the excellent mechanical properties:
Tensile Strength 260MPa
Yield Strength / Proof stress 170MPa
Elongation 19%
Hardness 75HV

7.How To Cut Aluminum Scaffold Tube

What kind of cutting machine should be used for cutting aluminum scaffold tubes? Aluminum scaffold tube is a kind of aluminum profile. Under normal circumstances, we will use aluminum cutting machine for cutting and processing.

There are many models of machines for cutting aluminum profiles on the market. Below we list a few for your reference:

One is the common semi-automatic aluminum cutting machine, which is mainly used in blanking processing, and can be selected by processing companies that do not require high cutting accuracy. This kind of equipment is commonly found in rough processing companies such as extrusion plants.

The second type is the automatic aluminum cutting machine. There are many models in the automatic aluminum cutting machine, and the feeding method is the difference between cylinder feeding and screw feeding. Generally, when the single quantity is large, it is recommended to choose the cylinder feeding. The advantage of this equipment is that it is relatively cheap, but the disadvantage is that the accuracy is relatively poor. If the accuracy is not required, this equipment can be used.

If you have very high output requirements and high accuracy requirements, it is recommended that you choose a fully automatic aluminum cutting machine with screw feeding. This type of equipment has a large output and a higher accuracy. It is also widely used in the market. It is more extensive, and cutting aluminum tubes is not a problem, not only the accuracy can be achieved, but also the efficiency is high, and the cutting effect is also good.

8.What Sizes Of Aluminum Scaffold Tubes Do We Supply


As part of our product range, we offer 6.0m, 5.5m, 5.0m, 4.5m, 4.0m, 3.5m, 3.0m, 2.5, 2.0m, 1.5m, 1.0m and 0.5m lengths of aluminium scaffolding tube. 5ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 13ft, 16ft, 20ft lengths of aluminium scaffold tubes are also available.

If required, your Aluminium Scaffold Tube can be cut to your specific size. Length of 6.0m or 20ft is free, a cutting charge will be collected for other sizes. Please note that the cutting of tube may delay the dispatch of the order depending on demand. Please contact for ETA.

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