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scaffolding formwork
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different between scaffolding and formwork

Scaffolding is a temporary working platform used to support the operation of workers and the transportation of construction materials.

Scaffolding is widely used in construction, bridge construction, or maintenance projects to help workers reach difficult-to-reach heights and areas. Safe scaffolding products can effectively protect the lives of workers and avoid safety accidents.

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There is a huge difference between the function of formwork and scaffolding. The formwork work as a mould to concrete and helps to provide shape size and strength to the freshly made viscous concrete.

Essentially, formwork is designed to preserve the shape of the structure until it becomes self-supporting.

Types Of Materials Used In Formwork Systems
Common materials used to make formwork include steel, timber, plastic, and pre-formed panels made of aluminum. Timber or wooden shuttering is generally avoided except for smaller projects as it has a tendency to absorb water which can result in it becoming warped. This may reduce the quality of the final finish.

To achieve the highest quality concrete finish, a metal formwork system is utilised. These contain steel, plywood face, or good quality plastic. A combination of steel and aluminum forms may be used to increase the strength, lifespan, durability, and reusability.

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