Building Material

Building material is material used for construction, The manufacture of building materials is an established industry in many countries and the use of these materials is typically segmented into specific specialty trades, such as carpentry, plumbing, roofing and insulation work. Among them, EK mainly produces building Material products have steel props and Push Pull Prop.

building materials

Building Material
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Formwork Steel prop

Steel prop is called formwork prop, which is widely used in building materials and plays a key role in formwork. A steel prop usually consists of a yielding device that supports a long wall or other steel stud or column of the roof below.
Steel prop is mainly divided into three types
Light Duty Steel Props
Medium Duty Steel Props
Heavy Duty Steel Props

steel prop
steel prop

Formwork Push Pull Prop

push-pull diagonal props consist of two telescopically slidable pipes.
The displacement thereof can be adjusted by means of a threaded ring nut and a pin inserted into the holes of the inner pipe.
This structure enables it to perform two actions, the classic pushing action (like normal props do) and the pulling action.
These elements are crucial for temporary and safe stabilisation of structures during the casting step, whether formworks, wooden panels, or prefabricated elements of various types.

GBM push-pull props come in three models.
Type L push-pull props: adjustment carried out using a double handle sleeve
Type N push-pull props: adjustment carried out using a single ring nut.
Type H push-pull props: adjustment carried out using two ring nuts.

push pull prop
push pull prop

Scaffolding fork head

Formwork prop fork head is a 4 way U-Head assemble at the top of Prop,used to hole H20 Timber Beam. formwork prop fork head made of steel sheet with 4 pcs of angle iron and a steel round tube. The angle iron usually have drilled holes for nailing the Fork Head toTimber Beam. formwork prop fork head can also be used with other types of modular scaffolding systems to support various sizes of timber batten.

fork head
fork head
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