base jack

Base Jack

Treatment: Black, Electro, Hot-Dip-Galvanized
Material: Carbon Steel Q235 Standrad: BS Standard
Packaging: Tito, Stretch Film, Straps
Transportation: By Sea. By Land, By Air
Specifications: 40*5*600/150*150*5
Weight: 4.24kg
Price: $6.3

Base Jack Advantage

Factory Direct Sale
Experience: 12 Years
Material: Stable Material Supplier
Process: Welder + Welding Robot
Location: Port, Airport
Customized As Required

Base Jack Process

Base Jack Details

The Base lack is a heavy-duty adjustable base jack that is manufactured from high tensile steel and fitted with a “Double Podger” collar. it is used as a levelling solution for all types of scaffolding system such as Ringlock Scaffolding, Cuplock Scaffolding and Kwikstage Scaffolding.

A Complete Set 0f Base Jack Consists 0f Three Parts: Screw Rod, Base Plate And Screw Nut.

Screw Rod process: raw materials → blanking → pipe cutting/sawing → thread rolling. In this process, we need to use a pipe cutting machine and a thread rolling machine. The factory currently has two thread rolling machines, a two-axis thread rolling machine, and a three-axis thread rolling machine.

Base Plate process: shearing → blanking → forming (drumming) → punching → welding.
EK manufacturer has shearing machines, forming machines and welding machines to assist in the completion of the bottom plate process.

Screw Nut process: black parts → surface treatment(electro-galvanized/hot-dip galvanized) → screw nuts → broken teeth (spot welding/stamping)
After the nut arrives at the factory, it will first undergo surface treatment, usually electro-galvanized and hot-dip galvanized, then the nut will be screwed onto the screw, and finally the thread will be destroyed on the screw. This process will use spot welding or stamping.

After the above three sets of procedures are completed, the base jack will be packed and boxed, and the completed screw base jack will be shipped to the customer.

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