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Aluminium scaffolding is one of the most popular scaffolds on the market. As a lightweight scaffolding, aluminum scaffolding is lighter in weight and easy to install. And aluminum scaffolding usually has a wheel component, which is convenient to move to another place.

The meaning of the two is the same product, but there are geographical differences. North America (the United States and Canada) is used to say aluminum, and other countries call it aluminium more commonly. So we provide not only aluminium scaffolding but also aluminum scaffolding.

EK is a manufacturer and supplier of aluminum scaffolding. We have passed the CE certification and provide quality-assured aluminum scaffolding to help your business and work better. Excellent welding technology makes aluminum scaffolding safer and more stable. Our welding workers have EU-certified welding certificates, which is rarely seen among Chinese scaffolding manufacturers.

aluminum tower manufacturer

aluminium tower scaffolding

As lightweight and modular scaffolding, aluminum tower scaffolding is adequate for ladders. After quick installation, it will safely send you to a high place. Due to its sturdiness and stability, it effectively reduces the risk of slipping or falling, and the aluminum tower can also place the tools and materials needed by the workers.

EK provides aluminum tower include 4 feet, 6 feet, 8 feet and 10 feet in width, but the most popular size is 680×1800mm, tell us the size you need

Why choose aluminum tower from EK

  • Light-weight and movable
  • Robust, stable and safer
  • Multi-purpose, ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Snap-click fittings for ease of assembly and remove
  • Compared with steel scaffolding, aluminum tower scaffolding is not easy to rust and can be used for a longer time。
  • aluminum tower manufacturer, cheaper price, efficient support

aluminum scaffold tower parts

  • ladder
  • stair ladder
  • toeboard system
  • platform
  • spigot
  • safety pin
  • platform safety lock
  • protective cover
  • cast ring
  • claw
  • horizontal & diagonal
  • base frame
  • castor wheel

aluminum scaffolding plank

Aluminum scaffolding plank is perfect for anyone needing a stable and strong scaffold platform. It is constructed to hold 75 lbs per square foot, and qualifies for heavy duty applications by OSHA standards.
Our aluminum plank is strong because it is reinforced on the bottom side. The top side contains grooves which remove standing water and ensure you have good traction. This plank’s super-light weight allows for easy assembly and transport. Since the planks are made from aluminum, they will not rust.

Aluminum scaffolding plank
Code No.Size (mm)

aluminium scaffolding ladder

Aluminium scaffolding ladders always play an irreplaceable role in building and construction. You can use it for roof construction, maintenance, stair scaffolding, passage scaffolding towers, homes, buildings, etc.

If you need to buy aluminum ladders for your project or business, congratulations, you have come to the right place. EK is a manufacturer of aluminum scaffolding ladders in China, and we supply the three most commonly used aluminum ladders: aluminum scaffolding straight ladders, aluminum scaffolding platform ladders, and aluminum scaffolding tower ladders.

Advantages Of Aluminum Ladder

  1. The aluminum scaffolding ladder is lightweight and easy to move and store. The weight of the aluminum ladder is only 1/3 as heavy as the traditional steel ladder, so don’t worry that the ladder will damage the road or floor when withstanding the weight.
  2. The whole design structure of this scaffold tower ladder is safe and stable. EK uses mechanical penetration inflated turning riveting technology coupled with aluminum alloy non-slip step to assure good fastness, but please note that it’s forbidden to exceed the maximum loading indicated on the ladder when construction is working.
  3. The scaffold ladder supports multipurpose use, and it’s made from high-strength aluminum alloy material, is very strong, can max 150Kgs loading weight, can be made with different sizes, and is folded and extended to adapt the different complex situations.
aluminum ladder

aluminum scaffolding
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