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Aluminum Ringlock Scaffolding

The commonly used aluminum ringlock scaffolding is an all-round multi-directional aluminum alloy scaffolding. Aluminum ringlock scaffolding is usually designed with a single aluminum tube and can be used stacked. Compared with other scaffolding systems, it is more flexible and can still be used in complex construction sites. It also has better quality and longer service life.

aluminum ringlock scaffolding

Features of Aluminum ringlock scaffolding
1. Versatility
Aluminum ringlock scaffolding can form scaffolding systems of different sizes and shapes according to site conditions, and can be constructed in all directions without height and width restrictions.
2. High efficiency
Aluminum ringlock scaffolding does not have any accessories. It only requires one person and a hammer to build. It is simple to build and disassemble, and easy to transport. It can effectively reduce the loss of parts and improve the work efficiency of workers.
3. High safety
The structure of the Aluminum ringlock scaffolding system is stable, and the aluminum alloy material has high quality in terms of bending resistance, shear resistance and torsion resistance, so the overall load-bearing capacity is higher than that of ordinary scaffolding systems.
4.Easy to operate
The installation and disassembly of the entire aluminum ringlock scaffolding system does not require additional bolts and parts, and only requires two people to install it quickly.
5. High recovery rate
The aluminum alloy materials used in Aluminum ringlock scaffolding can be recycled and the loss is low.

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