> How Do Scaffolding Manufacturers Use Scaffolding Safely

How Do Scaffolding Manufacturers Use Scaffolding Safely

Scaffolding is generally used in high-altitude operations. Everyone knows that high-altitude operations are very dangerous. If you accidentally fall off the scaffolding, you will basically die. So how to safely carry out construction on scaffolding is a problem that every scaffolding manufacturer needs to consider.

1. Stability
Scaffolding manufacturer need to ensure that every part of the scaffolding is matched with each other, such as Forged Coupler, Pressed Coupler, Ringlock System, Cuplock System, Steel Prop, Steel Pipe and other parts, which can be properly connected with other parts without gaps, so as to ensure the stability of the scaffolding.

2. Build Quality
After ensuring that the various accessories provided by the scaffolding manufacturer can be seamlessly connected, the construction personnel need to build the scaffolding. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to the stability of each layer of the scaffolding. For example, the first layer needs to ensure that the ground is firm and cannot be uneven. For construction on uneven ground, the second layer needs to be parallel to the first layer, and there should be no problems such as steel pipes or gantry skew. Once an unstable platform is found, it is necessary to re-check the adaptability of accessories. Only by ensuring the quality of the construction of each floor can workers be safely constructed.

3. Seat Belt
Seat belts are an indispensable accessory for scaffolding. No matter how many layers of scaffolding need to be built, workers must wear safety belts that suit themselves during construction and fasten them firmly to the scaffolding. Typically seat belts have webbing, side, back and front D-rings, lanyard connections, and adjustable lap and leg straps. Wearing a seat belt correctly can keep your life safe.

Scaffolding manufacturers believe that the above points must be met during the construction process to ensure the safety of users. EK specializes in the production of various scaffolding accessories, such as Scaffolding Coupler, Pressed Coupler, Ringlock System, Cuplock System, Steel Prop, Steel Pipe, Scaffolding Gate etc. If you need it, you can always contact scaffolding manufacturer.

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