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How To Buy Scaffolding Base Jack


The base jack is a very important part of the scaffolding. It is the basis of all scaffolding and can make the bottom of the scaffold more stable. In addition to this, you can use base jacks elsewhere to enhance the wind resistance and stability of the scaffolding.

how to buy scaffolding base jack?
1. Materials
The base jack needs to have very strong support and stability, so everyone must choose high-quality and reliable steel materials when purchasing. Poor quality materials will make your scaffolding very unstable.
2. Size
Be sure to buy a base jack that is the same size as your scaffolding, as a mismatch in size may render the scaffolding unusable, or cause other accidents.
3. Baseplate accuracy
As for the size, the accuracy of the bottom plate also needs to be paid attention to, such as the size of the holes on the floor, the jacking nut and the U-shaped head. If these dimensions do not match other accessories of the scaffold, then the bottom plate cannot be used.
4. Corrosion resistance
Usually we use scaffolding outdoors, and we cannot guarantee that the weather will always be good. The scaffolding is likely to be exposed to the wind and the sun, so our base jack needs to have very good corrosion resistance, so as to ensure the service life of the scaffolding. . General users will choose galvanized base jacks.

When you buy a base jack, you must pay attention to these issues. If you don’t know about the base jack, or don’t know how to choose, you can find some professional scaffolding manufacturers, they will help you make a correct judgment. Of course, you can also contact EK, we will provide you with high-quality and low-cost products and solutions.

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