> ringlock scaffolding is being produced

ringlock scaffolding is being produced

Ringlock scaffolding is one of the mainstream scaffolds at present. ringlock scaffolding is used on many construction sites.

At present, the commonly used ringlock scaffolding are mainly composed of ringlock standard, ringlock ledger, scaffolding base jack, aluminium beam and scaffolding walk boards. According to different usage scenarios, the ringlock scaffolding is divided into different materials, aluminum ringlock scaffolding and steel ringlock scaffolding. For example, aluminum ringlock scaffolding is used for indoor and outdoor wall maintenance, and steel ringlock scaffolding is required for building construction. The EK factory uses manual + machine welding to produce ringlock scaffolding. Generally, aluminum ringlock scaffolding are manually welded, and steel ringlock scaffolding are machined.

At present, the factory has one cutting machine and three welding machines, which are respectively used for welding ringlock standard, ringlock ledger, scaffolding base jack.

The cutting machine can laser cut the required material according to the set requirements, with high cutting precision, the error is ±0.01mm, and there is no burr.

Standard automatically welded, which can automatically load and unload, cycle work, and improve production efficiency by 4-6 times.

Ledger automatic welding, with two high-performance pulse welding machines, one device can automatically complete insert, spot welding and girth welding, which is 2-3 times that of traditional manual welding.

Base Jack automatic welding has a high-performance pulse welding machine and a special machine tool design, which changes the original height welding into flat welding, making the welding seam fuller and the fusion depth more reliable.

These three welding machines can not only weld ringlock scaffolding, but also meet the welding requirements of cuplock scaffolding and kwikstage scaffolding. In addition, the welding machine also has the advantages of increasing output, speeding up production progress and reducing defective products. The most important thing is to ensure that the factory can complete the large-scale orders of customers on time and in quantity, so that customers have no worries.

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