> Scaffolding Manufacture Introduce What Is Scaffolding

Scaffolding Manufacture Introduce What Is Scaffolding

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During construction, construction workers need a temporary platform to carry materials and move themselves to the designated position for construction. This temporary platform is called scaffold. Scaffolding manufacturer have manufactured many kinds of scaffolds that can be moved easily and adjusted in height and angle according to the requirements of workers.

Scaffolding manufacturer generally use wood or steel as raw materials. These two materials are stable and firm, which can effectively ensure the safety of workers and materials. Generally, when the construction height exceeds 1.5m, workers need to build scaffolds for placing construction materials, new construction, wall maintenance, roof inspection, etc.

Next, I will introduce two common scaffolds, single scaffold and suspended scaffold

Single scaffold is generally used for new wall. It is mainly composed of pillars, crossbars and standing trees. A row is first formed by connecting the horizontal timber with the pillar, and then the vertical timber is fixed and embedded into the wall of the structure or building. This type of scaffold needs to ensure that no part can be removed before disassembly, otherwise it will be very unsafe.

The suspended scaffold suspends the working platform on the roof or beam through steel wire or chain, and adjusts the height we need through the length of steel wire or chain. Shaking is its biggest feature. This kind of scaffold is generally used for maintenance works and pointing. Painting and other processes.

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