> What Are Scaffolding Ladder Access Gates?

What Are Scaffolding Ladder Access Gates?

Falls from height in ladder access areas are prevented by scaffolding safety gate. Our scaffolding ladder access gates are all made of heavy-duty pressed steel toe board and extremely strong mesh.

scaffolding gate

Two pressed steel couplers that are correctly welded onto the gate connect these scaffolding ladder access gates to your scaffolding system.

What Are Scaffolding Ladder Access Gates?

By offering safe access points on a scaffold or elevated platform, scaffolding safety gates are made to prevent falls from height.

The scaffolding ladder access gates made by EK scaffolding are completely compatible with all system scaffolds as well as standard tube and fitting scaffold. Standard half coupler fittings that are already welded into place on the gate bracket are used to quickly and easily
fit them. The scaffolding safety gate has a pressed steel toe board that is welded to the frame and is completely enclosed with extra sturdy mesh to increase safety. This serves as both an easily recognizable access point and a high visibility yellow powder coat that protects the scaffolding ladder access gate from corrosion.

options for scaffolding gate sizes

For more information, please get in touch with us. We can also produce scaffolding safety gates of different sizes on special order.

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