> Why Choose Ringlock Scaffolding For Construction Projects

Why Choose Ringlock Scaffolding For Construction Projects

ringlock scaffolding

Ringlock scaffolding is composed of vertical rods, horizontal rods, bolts and diagonal rods. The main component is to weld a disc every 0.5m on the vertical pole, and there are 8 holes on the disc, which can be used to connect the horizontal bar and the oblique bar with pins to form a complete set of Ringlock scaffolding. Since not all the ground is very stable, the bottom of the scaffold needs to be connected to the base Jack, and the scaffold can be kept stable by adjusting the height of the base Jack.

Why is Ringlock scaffolding more and more widely used now?

  1. Ringlock scaffolding is safer. The overall material is Q345 steel. The product is not easy to be damaged and deformed, and the overall bearing capacity and stability will be better.
  2. There are no scattered screws, nuts, fasteners and other accessories in the Ringlock scaffolding, which avoids the loss of accessories and reduces the loss of materials.
  3. All parts are treated with hot-dip galvanizing, which is not easy to drop paint and rust, and can increase the service life of the product.
  4. Ringlock scaffolding can be used with different frames according to specific construction requirements.
  5. During the erection process, you only need to insert the plugs at both ends of the cross bar into the corresponding disc holes on the upright bar, and hammer to self-lock. The whole Professor Ringlock is easy to build.
  6. The components of the buckle-type scaffolding are more standardized, which is conducive to construction and management. Accessories are not easy to lose, and the loss is low, and the later investment is less.

Ringlock scaffolding has a wide range of application scenarios, and Ringlock scaffolding is used in many construction projects. In addition, high and low building construction, ship repairing industry, decoration engineering and construction installation engineering and other high-altitude operations, the construction of stages, viewing stands, advertising racks, etc., warehouse shelves, etc. will use Ringlock scaffolding.

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