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Steel Ringlock VS Aluminum Ringlock

Most of the scaffolding on the market today is mainly made of iron and steel, but this type of scaffolding is heavy to use and inconvenient to move, so aluminum Ringlock scaffolding has emerged, and many developed countries have begun to choose aluminum Ringlock scaffolding. Because this kind of scaffolding is made of light and strong aluminum alloy,the

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Ringlock scaffolding manufacture in China

At present, China’s high-quality scaffolding market and manufacturing capacity have made great progress, and the stock of various types of scaffolding has reached 100 million tons. China is already a major scaffolding manufacturer in the world, and various types of scaffolding are widely exported to developed countries in Europe and America. In terms of product

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Ringlock Scaffolding Is Being Produced

Ringlock scaffolding is one of the mainstream scaffolds at present. ringlock scaffolding is used on many construction sites. At present, the commonly used ringlock scaffolding are mainly composed of ringlock standard, ringlock ledger, scaffolding base jack, aluminium beam and scaffolding walk boards. According to different usage scenarios, the ringlock scaffolding is divided into different materials, aluminum ringlock scaffolding and steel

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Are There Regulations For Scaffolding Safety Gates?

At present, the scaffolding industry has not issued specific rules to require scaffolding to be equipped with scaffolding safety gate and Aluminum Scaffolding Ladder. However, in order to ensure the safety of scaffolding manufacturer and users, scaffolding structures will be equipped with scaffolding safety gates to prevent people or construction materials from falling from heights. This type of

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How to Install Cuplock Scaffolding?

Cuplock Scaffolding is one of the most complex and complete scaffolding systems on the market. Because there are no small accessories such as screws and nuts in this kind of scaffolding, many people will want to know how to install it? First, you need to check the cuplock scaffolding material before installation: 1. The quality and

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How Do You Install Ringlock Scaffolding?

Ringlock Scaffolding is a scaffolding system for construction and is one of the most complex and complete scaffolding systems on the market.   Because there are no small accessories such as screws and nuts in the Ringlock scaffolding assembly, many users do not know how to install the scaffolding assembly after receiving it? In fact,

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What Is Cuplock Scaffolding System?

Cuplock scaffolding system does not require small accessories such as bolts, nuts or wedges to fix it, because Cuplock scaffolding system comes with a quick locking function. Compared with other scaffolds, the biggest feature of Cuplock scaffolding system is the use of Cuplock to link beams together, and up to four horizontal beams can be connected

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The Functions of Ringlock Scaffolding System

Designed for simple, universal options which may be adapted to some framework or shape, please rely upon the device bracket. From classic uses to project applications with unusual dimensions and configurations, the device bracket can be adapted to any structure to meet the needs.   Scaffolds frequently used inside the construction website, will undoubtedly possess

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What products does Ringlock scaffolding include?

Ringlock scaffolding system is one of the scaffolding systems, which enables workers to disassemble and install scaffolding more quickly, saving time and cost. The core of this scaffolding lies in the ringlock, which holds various accessories together through latchesto achieve safety and high load capacity. Ringlock scaffolding system mainly includes the following products.  1. Base Plate

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The Different Types of Scaffolding Systems

There are many types of scaffolding we know at present. These scaffoldings are very popular all over the world, and each type of scaffolding has a specific purpose. Next, EK scaffolding manufacture will introduce to you what are the different types of scaffolding systems? 1. Ringlock Scaffolding Ringlock scaffolding is usually made of hot-dip galvanized material, which can

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