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Kwikstage Scaffolding System

Kwikstage scaffolding is a heavy duty modular system scaffolding with wedge fixings. It mainly consists of kwikstage standard, kwikstage Ledger and kwikstage transoms, and there will also be some regular accessories, such as Kwikstage Scaffolding Batten Boards, Kwikstage Scaffolding Board Bracket and Kwikstage Scaffolding Braces. kwikstage standard The kwikstage standard is the vertical part of the kwikstage scaffolding system, which is used to bear the load of the scaffolding and the weight of the scaffolding. The length of kwikstage standard is from 1.0m-3.0m, and every 0.5m is an interval. There is a socket at the 500mm interval of the kwikstage standard, which can fix kwikstage Ledger, kwikstage transoms and other accessories. kwikstage

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