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450mm Alloy Beam

EK produces two types of alloy beams, one with a width of 450mm and another with a width of 750mm. First, let us introduce to you the alloy beam with a width of 450mm. The 450mm width alloy beam is specially designed with high load capacity and is currently the best-selling alloy beam. This design directly connects the tie and the supported tubular connection diagonally to achieve maximum load and improve the stability of the alloy beam. The top and bottom chords and end columns have an outer diameter of 48.30mm, and the 450mm alloy beam can be linked the length of the alloy beam using special sockets, nuts and bolts. Alloy beams are highly versatile, multi-purpose scaffolds that

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What Is Aluminum X Beam

Aluminum beam is a versatile building material that has many advantages in applications in various industries, especially in the construction industry. Known for its lightweight yet durable thermal properties, this type of aluminum beam is a safe, labor-saving building material for all applications such as long-span temporary roofs and suspended scaffolding. They provide a cost-effective solution for any application, saving installation time and mechanical handling. What is aluminum X-beam?aluminum X-beam is a lightweight alternative to traditional scaffolding beams. Thanks to their unique frame design, they have an unrivaled weight-to-strength ratio, which means fewer beams per job.The X-beam’s quick-fit connection system, using spring clips and sockets, also means easy assembly, another advantage over traditional scaffolding.

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