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How Do You Install Ringlock Scaffolding

ringlock scaffolding

Ringlock Scaffolding is a scaffolding system for construction and is one of the most complex and complete scaffolding systems on the market.

Because there are no small accessories such as screws and nuts in the Ringlock scaffolding assembly, many users do not know how to install the scaffolding assembly after receiving it? In fact, the installation of Ringlock scaffolding is very simple. The following Ringlock scaffolding manufacturer EK will introduce the installation steps of Ringlock scaffolding:
1. The baseplate is placed on the ground first to support other components;
2. Add the collar base for installing standard and Ledger,
3. Align the pin in the standard with the round hole in the Ringlock, and insert the pin;
4. Ledger is installed on the same principle;
5. Hook both ends of the standard Platform on the crossbar;
6. The Stretcher stair is installed on the upper and lower crossbars;

In addition to simple installation, Ringlock scaffolding has many advantages
1. No matter what kind of environment, 80% of the structure can be reused;
2. One Ringlock can provide 8 connections, making Ringlock scaffolding highly suitable for straight and curved structures;
3. Reliable wedge connection can prevent Ledger and face brace from loosening, which can ensure safety even at high heights.

There is no “standard” or “regular” size for scaffolding. Common sizes are usually around 8, 9, 12 and 16 feet long. What size to choose depends largely on the type, size and quality of the project you will be working on.

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