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How To Find A Reliable Scaffolding Manufacturer

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This article aims to help you find a reliable scaffolding manufacturer. We all know that direct cooperation with manufacturers can obtain more favourable prices and better services, which can effectively help us reduce costs and improve efficiency.

But how to find a reliable manufacturer? You should finish reading this article.

1. Understand The Distribution And Characteristics Of Significant Scaffolding Manufacturers In The World

As we all know, metal scaffolding was invented by the British and later spread to all parts of the world. Because of its better performance, more safety, and saving a lot of time and labor cost, it is widely adopted by people worldwide. Therefore, there are many scaffolding manufacturers in the UK and other parts of Europe. They are not only producing scaffolding but also constantly innovating and designing. Thus, new types of scaffolding are continually being born.

Moreover, most of the most common scaffolding product standards globally are British standards and EU standards. Such as BS/EN.

In addition to the United Kingdom, China also has a large number of scaffolding manufacturers. As a great country with more than 5,000 years of history, China has generally used scaffolding to build houses since ancient times. Still, the old scaffolding material is bamboo, and such scaffolding lacked guarantees in terms of stability and safety. When China introduced British steel scaffolding, it gradually eliminated bamboo scaffolding. At present, only some projects in Hong Kong, China, can still see bamboo scaffolding.

When the scaffolding entered China, the Chinese people were very interested in this new scaffolding made of steel and aluminum alloy. A large number of companies began to produce steel scaffolding. And because China has the largest population and labor force globally, the scaffolding products made by Chinese manufacturers are cheaper, and the quality and service are also better than other countries. A large number of buyers and builders began to buy scaffolding from China.

China scaffolding manufacturers mainly concentrated in the cities of Nanjing, Tianjin, and Qingdao.

In addition, the scaffolding in India has also received the favor of global buyers. India has a population second only to China and provides a large amount of labor for it. Moreover, India’s low per capita income makes the labor costs of Indian scaffolding manufacturers far lower than other countries, enabling India to provide lower-priced scaffolding products. However, some customers have told us that although Indian scaffolding is cheaper, its quality and service life are often worse than China’s.

2. How To Find A Scaffolding Manufacturer?

In my opinion, the search for any product is divided into two stages, whether it is scaffolding or other products.

Before 2019 and after 2019.

Before 2019, we can participate in exhibitions worldwide, visit on-site, or send emails to learn more about manufacturers, compare and choose.

But in 2019, when COVID-19 broke out globally, China took the lead in blocking some cities, and to prevent the spread of the virus to other countries, they strictly controlled all cross-border activities. Subsequently, many countries in the world have also implemented similar measures. The new crown epidemic has had a massive impact on the global economy, and it has also had a profound effect on the scaffolding industry. Since then, offline activities have gradually become online. Some people may think that this is nothing new, but this is a far-reaching impact on the overall trend of global industry.

Whether it’s builders and purchasers or manufacturers and suppliers, when everyone suddenly finds that they can’t enter and exit other countries, they all start looking for answers on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu. Manufacturers and suppliers are also looking for buyers.

3. Find Good Clues On Google

Enter scaffolding manufacturer on Google; how to find a scaffolding manufacturer or supplier? You will find the websites of many companies claiming to be manufacturers, but most companies are only trading companies. They will find high-quality and inexpensive products from the factory and then ask them to replace them with its logo or produce it following their customers’ requirements. Our factory has also helped other trading companies to do processing in the past few years.

What you may not know is that there are many such OEM factories in China. Because they do not have a solid and reputable brand, they can only help those big companies do contract production in exchange for compensation. They are the real scaffolding factories, but these manufacturers’ websites are usually not widely known, and their web rankings are relatively low.

4. Before Considering Buying Scaffolding, You Should Understand Clearly:

Is this factory ISO certified?

Whether it meets the primary quality standards, under normal circumstances, products that meet the criteria will have a longer service life, better protect the safety of construction personnel, and reduce the accident compensation you may face

Is it possible to do OEM? After all, you may not be a direct user of the product, you still need to sell the product to others, and you don’t want your customers to know who made these products.

Whether you can complete your task within the agreed time, in almost any cooperation, the two parties will decide on the delivery date before the partnership. Most factories can deliver on time, but some factories still delay delivery due to external reasons, thus delaying your project.

Whether their reputation is good?

I suggest you do not directly ask your partner for this question. You can ask him if he has worked with customers in the same country as you. For example, have you worked with other UK clients (or US clients)? Then you can indirectly understand the company’s reputation and product quality and decide whether to cooperate with him or maintain a long-term cooperative relationship.

5. Should Well-Known Companies Be Your Only Choice?

When we want to buy a mobile phone, we will give priority to Apple. After all, Apple is a perfect brand, and Apple’s mobile phone is indeed very suitable for our work and life needs.

But when we consider buying scaffolding, are well-known companies our only choice? I do not think so.

There is no doubt that well-known companies, such as SGB, Doka, etc., will provide excellent products and services. But many companies’ products are not produced by their own companies, and they entrust OEM factories to make them and replace them with their logos. These OEM factories use the same equipment, employees, and product standards when producing for any customer. So I think if you can find a reputable manufacturer, you can get the same quality products at a lower price.

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