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What Is Scaffolding?

Why We Need Scaffolding?
Scaffolding is a temporary working platform used to support the operation of workers and the transportation of construction materials. Scaffolding is widely used in construction, bridge construction, or maintenance projects to help workers reach difficult-to-reach heights and areas. Safe scaffolding products can effectively protect the lives of workers and avoid safety accidents.
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what is scaffolding

How Many Types Of Scaffolding Are There?

According to different national standards and construction needs, there are many types of scaffolding, now we will show you: scaffolding couplersscaffolding systemsscaffolding plankssteel pipesaluminium scaffoldingscaffolding formworkbases jack, and scaffolding accessories.

But don’t worry, we can provide all the scaffolding you need, but we haven’t had time to upload all the products to the website.

Get Latest Price Of Scaffolding

Due to changes in raw material prices and rising ocean freight, the cost of scaffolding products has been changing. As a scaffolding manufacturer, we have a more significant price advantage and better product quality control and can still effectively help you reduce the procurement and use costs of scaffolding

Why Choose EK Scaffolding Manufacturer?

Advanced Technology, Better Performance.

Scaffolding parts using scaffold system technology, avoid the scaffold production malpractice of old craft, causes the product’s anti-deformation and anti-stretching performance to be stronger, more fits the scaffolding, more firm, not easy to slide.

Standard Production, More Secure.

According to technical scaffolding design and advanced technology from EK China scaffolding supplier, all scaffolding products are manufacturered in strict accordance with EN74 and BS1139 standards, quality guarantee, ensure construction and personeel safety.

Quality Control, Customers Assured.

The EK professional quality inspection team will carry out strict quality inspection in fixed scaffolding coupler production process and before delivery to ensure that the product quality meets customer requirements.

Fast Delivery, Gain Time.

QC team is responsible for all types coupler scaffolding production progress of each order, and we strive to deliver in advance while meeting the customer’s delivery deadline, this also prompted us to have an average monthly shipment of 35-45 containers.

Full Service, Timely And Effective.

Full-day professional customer service, provide pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales service to meet customer requirements. Any question, please feel free to contact them.

Support Small Quantity.

Compared to other competitors in the same scaffolding parts industry, the minimum order quantity is one container, this China scaffolding supplier support customer’s temporary small purchase demand. So there is no limits of MOQ. That is to say, any quantities is available.

Your Reliable Scaffolding Manufacturer

EK Scaffolding
  • Over ten years of scaffolding manufacturing experience
  • Scaffolding Products Quality Warranty
  • Largest 50,000m2 Scaffolding AUTO Manufacturing Area
  • Own Scaffolding Test House
  • ISO9001 & ISO 3834 Scaffolding Certificate
  • ISO14001 & HSE Scaffold Factory
  • EN1090 Test & CE Certificated

One-Stop Scaffolding Solution For All Industries

As a 10 Years Scaffolding Factory, EK Scaffold Supplies Global 30+ Countries Scaffolding Products and Formwork Materials. We Sale Scaffolding to All Industries. Our Clients & Partners Include Construction Companies, Contracting Firms, Rental, Engineering Companies, and Scaffold Factories & Wholesales Etc.

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