> Features of Ringlock scaffolding systems

Features of Ringlock scaffolding systems

The scale and complexity of modern construction projects around the world requires efficient, safe and strong scaffolding systems that can support construction work at any height on round, angular or straight structures. The Ringlock Scaffolding System is a versatile modular scaffolding system that helps construction crews assemble, use and dismantle scaffolding quickly and efficiently, allowing for the assembly of smaller components to support mega-structures.
Ringlock Scaffolding System includes:
Scaffolding Ringlock Vertical (Standard)
Scaffolding Ringlock Ledger
Ringlock Ring
Ringlock Diagonal Brace
Scaffolding Walk Board

ringlock scaffolding

1. Widely used
Whether you are a construction worker specializing in offshore construction, shipbuilding, industrial maintenance, road construction or wall installation, ring scaffolding is vital to your success. Ringlock Scaffolding Systems are designed to support complex designs, allowing structures with complex shapes and heights to be easily constructed.
2. Quick assembly and disassembly
At the heart of the Ringlock Scaffolding System is the ease of use and efficiency of the scaffolding. Ringlock scaffolding systems provide construction workers with a sturdy mechanism that is easy to install and remove.
3. Flexible and stable
Ringlock Scaffolding Systems can lock at different angles and use notches to align exactly at 45 or 90 degree angles.
4. High load carrying capacity
The design of the ring scaffolding allows it to support higher loads than other systems on the market. This makes it suitable for both heavy and light construction activities. The flexibility of the ringlock geometry facilitates the construction of scaffolding systems suitable for a variety of construction scenarios using slabs, bridges, steel or timber formwork.
5. Convenient transportation and storage
Since Ringlock Scaffolding components are lightweight and easy to disassemble and assemble, they can be transported with ease. Unlike other forms of scaffolding, these components take up less space when taken apart, saving on storage and shipping costs.

Ringlock scaffolding system can also be used with base jack, steel props, coupler, aluminum beam and other accessories. EK scaffolding provides sturdy and industry-proven ringlock scaffolding system related accessories at affordable prices.

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