> How to use cuplock scaffolding system safely?

How to use cuplock scaffolding system safely?

No matter what type of scaffolding it is, workers may make mistakes during operation. Scaffolding accidents cause many workers to be injured or even killed every year. The structures and modules of different scaffolding systems can vary greatly, but the measures to keep workers safe are similar. Cuplock scaffolding system also needs to take relevant measures during use to ensure construction safety.


First, ensure that every worker needs to be trained to operate the cuplock scaffolding system. This training includes how to safely build cuplock scaffolding, how to ensure your own safety when using cuplock scaffolding, how to dismantle cuplock scaffolding, as well as cuplock scaffolding anti-fall training and other details.
Second, before using the cuplock scaffolding system, you need to check the ground conditions, stay away from dangerous scenarios such as overhead wires, obstacles, and changes in surface altitude, to ensure the stability and level of the base, and all accessories need to be fixed in place.
Third, the load-bearing range of the cuplock scaffolding system must be strictly controlled. It is prohibited to carry items exceeding the weight limit, including workers. The guardrails need to be fixed in place and it is strictly prohibited to prevent any items.
Fourth, the cuplock scaffolding system must be fully supported or tied to the building, and the supports must be properly fixed in place, otherwise movement of the scaffold may cause the ends to fall off, thereby reducing the stability of the scaffold. Several bracket fixing or locking systems on the cuplock scaffolding system must be able to operate freely, be easy to assemble and disassemble, and must be locked securely to prevent the bracket from falling off. Nails and other debris may not be used in place of the appropriate fastening components provided by the manufacturer.

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