> Ringlock scaffolding manufacture in China

Ringlock scaffolding manufacture in China

At present, China’s high-quality scaffolding market and manufacturing capacity have made great progress, and the stock of various types of scaffolding has reached 100 million tons. China is already a major scaffolding manufacturer in the world, and various types of scaffolding are widely exported to developed countries in Europe and America. In terms of product types, Ringlock scaffolding system, cuplock scaffolding system, aluminum Ringlock scaffolding system, etc. have their own advantages. Ringlock scaffolding is clean and beautiful, with strong corrosion resistance, large bearing capacity of single pole, light and safe, stable and reliable.

What Is Ringlock Scaffolding?

The Ringlock scaffolding system is one of the most popular types of scaffolding systems in the world, also known as wedge-lock scaffolding, disc-lock scaffolding or all-round scaffolding. Ringlock is an upgraded product after the Cuplock scaffolding. As a modular scaffolding system, it is very flexible, highly economical, more convenient and faster to use.

Why Choose EK Scaffolding Manufacturer?

1. EK has its own factory and can customize products according to the needs of customers. We only need customers to describe the functions and styles of the products, and we can customize them. It is best if customers can provide design drawings.

2. The price is cheap and the quality is good. The direct shipment from the factory can give the customer the lowest price, and can supervise every production link of the product to ensure the quality of the product.

3. Quality testing, any product will be tested after production, and will also cooperate with customers to conduct product quality testing at any time.

4. The delivery time is controllable. From placing an order to delivery, all links can be controlled in the factory, so it can ensure that the order can be completed within the time agreed with the customer.

EK is a professional scaffolding manufacturer and supplier, besides Ringlock scaffolding, you can find other scaffolding products such as Cuplock scaffolding System, Kwikstage scaffolding System, HK scaffolding system, Frame scaffolding System, T60 System, Forged Coupler, Pressed Coupler, Shoring System, Formwork System, Aluminum Scaffolding Ladder as well as all sizes of Steel Tubes.

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