> the production process of cuplock scaffolding

the production process of cuplock scaffolding

When working with scaffolding, many construction sites assist Cuplock scaffolding. Cuplock scaffolding is safe and to use. Since 1887 it ‘s really been trusted. Ek can simply offer top quality cuplock scaffolding for instance a manufacturer.

Cuplock scaffolding is a structure that uses metal cups to connect beams together. The unique cup lock system consists of three basic components: the top and bottom cups, which are connected by a sorting plate for stability; the unique node point connection allows up to 4 horizontal parts to be connected to one vertical part at a time, this The connection method can be easily differentiated from other types because no nails or glue are required! The locking device consists of two cups, a fixed bottom cup welded to the vertical tube at predetermined intervals, and a sliding upper cup. The blade end of the ledger sits in the lower cup, which moves down to hold it in place.

Cuplock scaffolding is a Cuperman standard and has been around since 1887. Many experts consider cuplock scaffolding to be the most unique and flexible type of scaffolding. The Cuplock Standard is an excellent scaffolding choice for jobs that require the use of cup joints, such as entry or formwork reinforcement applications, and can also be easily moved up from the built-in removable top plate for any rough site handling needs! These welded base plates are made of high-grade steel, so they will last longer than the cheaply constructed ones you might find elsewhere in your fleet of other brands of equipment.

Cuplock scaffolding is a type of scaffolding characterized by a joining method that uses metal cups to lock beams together. If you need Cuplock scaffolding, please feel free to contact us, we will serve you online 7*24!

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