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Two Types Of Base Jack

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Base jack is divided into two different forms, one of which is a swivel base jack, which is also called Adjustable Swivel Base Jack. This base Jack can provide stability by adjusting the angle of the base on uneven ground, and has the ability to rotate to deal with

The stem of the Adjustable Swivel Base Jack is riveted to the square double lug base plate, which allows adjustment on uneven ground, and the Swivel Base Jack can also be used in marine, formwork and scaffolding applications.

The swivel base jack is made of high strength tubing and uses a heavy duty “Double Podger” collar to allow the stem to withstand a safe working load of 6 tons under compressive load, the rolled threaded tubular process reduces weight by approximately 50%, but due to No material is cut away so the strength of a solid cut bar is maintained and exceeded.

The other is fixed base Jack. The bottom of this base Jack is fixed and can only be used on a stable ground without the function of adjusting the base. There are holes in each corner of the base plate to fix the base plate to the ground, and the nuts on the screw rods are made of high-strength cast iron for durability.

On special request, a large support surface (slopes up to 6 %) can be achieved with the base plate and U-shaped head plate. Fixed base jack can fit all types of scaffolding systems such as frames, ring locks, cup lock systems and kwikstage systems. Always use with U-head jacks to adjust scaffolding groups in an easy way.

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