> what is scaffolding walk boards?

what is scaffolding walk boards?

Scaffolding walk boards play a vital role in the construction industry by providing support and stability to aisles and working platforms. It is also one of the most critical parts in the scaffolding system. Scaffolding walk boards provide a standing surface for employees and equipment, and also ensure that employees can work safely.

Scaffolding walk boards are usually divided into two types according to materials: wooden scaffolding walk boards and metal scaffolding walk boards

wooden scaffolding walk boards

Since wooden scaffolding walk boards are applied in different construction projects and use different grades of wood, wooden scaffolding walk boards are also divided into solid pedals and LVL pedals. Solid pedals are usually made from Southern Pine, which provide a good combination of strength and dimensional stability, and are better suited for wet conditions than LVL pedals. LVL treads are made by bonding many layers of thin-ply wood planks together with an exterior adhesive to provide better strength and support at a slightly higher cost than solid treads.

Metal scaffolding walk boards
Metal scaffolding walk boards are mainly divided into steel scaffolding walk boards and aluminum scaffolding walk boards. Steel scaffolding walk boards offer excellent strength and durability but add to the overall weight of the scaffolding structure, making them ideal for high load bearing applications. While aluminum scaffolding walk boards are light weight and low cost, but not as strong and durable as steel scaffolding walk boards, suitable for projects with lower requirements than steel scaffolding walk boards.

Metal scaffolding walk boards are the heaviest and most durable option; they’re also the most expensive.

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