> How To Choose Steel Props In Construction

How To Choose Steel Props In Construction

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Steel props are used in all construction projects, and the steel props applicable to different construction projects will be different.

Our commonly used steel props can be used as load-bearing elements to bear loads during construction, and need to provide a certain load support until the construction project can be put into use. The steel prop is a structural system, mainly composed of two adjustable hollow cylinders, one as the main body, the other can be telescopically adjusted in height, and there is a locking pin between the two hollow cylinders to prevent the two Separated by a hollow cylinder, and easy to install and disassemble.

How to choose steel props in construction projects?
1. Bearing capacity: First of all, we need to determine how much bearing capacity the whole project needs, so that we can choose the material of scaffolding steel prop.
2. Height: What is the total height of the project, and what range of steel prop needs to be selected.
3. Quantity: Calculate at least how many steel props are needed according to the above two points, and the required quantity of steel props of different materials and lengths can be calculated.
4. Price: Finally, according to the above calculation results, you can calculate the prices required for different steel prop solutions, and choose a steel prop solutions that is most suitable for you to purchase.

It is very simple to choose a steel prop in a building, but to choose a steel prop with the highest cost performance, you need to know the steel prop of the project very well, so that you can match a suitable steel prop purchase plan. If you have troubles in this regard, you are welcome to contact EK scaffolding manufacturer, we will provide you with a safe and cost-saving solution.

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