> The Difference Between Steel Scaffolding And Aluminum Scaffolding

The Difference Between Steel Scaffolding And Aluminum Scaffolding

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Scaffolding manufacturer usually divide the scaffolding into steel scaffolding, wooden
scaffolding and aluminum scaffolding according to the material. At present, people often use steel scaffolding and aluminum scaffolding. So what is the difference between these two types of scaffolding? How should we choose scaffolding?

Aluminum Scaffolding
Aluminum scaffolding is light in weight, durable and reasonably priced. It can save costs while meeting the needs of professionals. It can be described as high quality and low price. But there are also many people who are worried that aluminum products will be unsafe? As a professional scaffolding manufacturer, EK has taken this into account for everyone. We will treat the aluminum scaffolding with anti-rust and anti-corrosion after production to improve the safety and service life of the product. The treated aluminum scaffolding Can work better outdoors. With these treatments, aluminum scaffolding will be easier to maintain than steel scaffolding, and there will be almost no natural damage.

In addition, aluminum scaffolding is light in weight and can be more durable and flexible during use and transportation. Whether it is the exterior or interior of building, aluminum scaffolding can be perfectly adapted. The construction of this kind of scaffolding will also become simpler, which can improve the work efficiency of workers and allow workers to complete the work in a shorter time.

Steel Scaffolding
Steel scaffolding has the advantages of high bearing capacity, environmental protection, durability and easy loading and unloading, etc. It plays an important role in the convenience of temporary support in construction and maintenance. Steel scaffolding can be easily carried to different construction sites. Building a stable and firm scaffold can provide higher load-bearing capacity and resist natural disasters. As we all know, steel is a very strong and durable material, so steel scaffolding is also known as one of the most durable scaffolds.

Choosing a good scaffold can save you a lot of trouble and do more with less. Before you choose a scaffold, you need to consider the usage scenario, material and production quality of the scaffold. A good scaffolding manufacturer will allow you to complete your project
faster and for less money. EK is a scaffolding manufacturer with many years of production experience and can provide you with a variety of scaffolding and accessories.

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