> What Is A Scaffolding Plank?

What Is A Scaffolding Plank?

Scaffolding plank is laid on the key components of the scaffolding to provide workers with a place to stand and work. Some scaffolding planks provide hooks that can be hooked on the scaffolding frame, and some scaffolding planks are placed directly on the scaffolding frame. The scaffolding plank usually placed directly on the scaffolding frame is made of wood. This kind of scaffolding plank is relatively old. As scaffolding plank becomes more and more widely used in the construction industry, scaffolding plank now comes in many variations, with different materials and designs, and different scaffolding planks can be chosen for different scaffoldings.

Currently, the more common scaffolding planks are made of wood and aluminum:


wooden scaffolding boards

Wooden scaffolding panels are much cheaper than aluminum scaffolding panels. Aluminum platforms are usually smooth and slide easily over the steel pipe of the scaffolding section. Wooden boards also absorb moisture, while aluminum often traps rainwater, creating dangerous slipping situations. The overhanging ends of the planks also provide a place to
place materials and supplies, while aluminum platforms rest directly on the edge of the scaffolding. Another reason why some workers often prefer wooden decks to aluminum platforms is that the decks tend to stick to the scaffolding. If the scaffolding twists or moves even slightly, the platform can sometimes become stuck, requiring the platform to be pried up and knocked out of position in the event of a failure, while the planks are simply lifted out of the section.

scaffolding planks from scaffolding planks manufacturer

Aluminum scaffolding panels

Aluminum scaffolding boards are ideal for anyone who needs a stable and sturdy scaffolding platform. The 7-foot-long boards can hold up to 75 pounds per square foot and the 10-foot boards can hold up to 50 pounds per square foot, meeting OSHA standards for heavy-duty applications. Aluminum scaffolding boards contain grooves on the top to remove standing water and ensure you have good traction. Since scaffolding planks are made of aluminum, they won’t rust and are more durable than wooden planks. Aluminum scaffolding panels are suitable for almost any scaffolding application and can help you complete many jobs.

Using a scaffolding plank not only saves time, it also saves money. In some cases, workers will actually outfit the working portion of the scaffolding with aluminum platforms and scaffolding boards. Work materials are often kept on an aluminum platform as its sides prevent materials from accidentally falling off the scaffolding while workers are performing work on the scaffolding panels.

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