> What Is Aluminum Ringlock Scaffolding Application?

What Is Aluminum Ringlock Scaffolding Application?

ringlock scaffolding

Aluminum Ringlock scaffolding parameters:
1) Product name: aluminum ring lock scaffolding
2) Material: aluminum alloy
3) Size: standard column diameter
4) Scaffold height: no limit
5) Platform height: no height limit

EK aluminum ringlock scaffolding is an all-round multi-directional aluminum scaffolding. It is designed to use a single aluminum tube with no height restrictions. Much more flexible than portal frame scaffolding, it is suitable for any height, any site, and any complex engineering conditions. Aluminum Ringlock scaffolding systems are used all over the world for many different projects. The most common are: subways and trains, dams, residential and commercial real estate, ships and shipyards, repairs and renovations, and more!

Application of Aluminum Ringlock Scaffolding
Light aluminum ringlock scaffolding is usually equipped with casters, which can make the mobile scaffolding easier to use in building and construction. EK Ringlock Scaffolding is a multi-functional scaffolding, which is very applicable from residential and commercial buildings to overpasses, subway stations, and construction sites such as ship lawns and petrochemical plants. Moreover, the aluminum ringlock scaffolding is economical; the assembly and disassembly speed is 1.5 times faster than the cuplock scaffold, reducing labor time and labor remuneration.

Advantages of Aluminum Ringlock scaffolding
1. All parts of aluminum ringlock scaffolding system are made of special aluminum alloy, which is 75% lighter than traditional steel scaffolding.
2. High connection strength of parts: the new process of internal expansion and external pressure cooling is adopted.
3. The ringlock scaffolding system is easy and quick to install, and the installation and disassembly of the entire system does not require additional tools or loose fittings. .
4. Various sizes for different job requirements, horizontal, diagonal and vertical lines are available in various lengths, ranging from 2 feet to 10 feet, which allows the system to be built in any configuration to meet different job requirements .

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