> What Is Scaffolding Fork Head?

What Is Scaffolding Fork Head?

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Scaffolding prop go by several names, including shore posts, acrow props, acrow jacks, and adjustable props. The steel prop is a telescoping tubular steel stanchion, adjustable in height via wide diameter threads on the outside of the tube, or via a loose pin through a series of holes in the inner tube.

Scaffolding fork head is a kind of construction equipment used for temporary support, and it is also a beam support part of concrete slab and beam formwork, mainly used in the formwork industry. The scaffolding fork prop is also called the ceiling head, and the scaffolding fixed fork head is composed of four angle irons, a bottom plate and a socket joint. Universal prong spacing allows scaffolding prongs to fit all beams.

The scaffolding fork head is used to keep the standard vertical of the scaffold, and adjust the height to make the whole scaffold more stable. Also known as scaffolding flat jack, scaffolding U-jack, adjustable screw jack, adjustable jack, prop fork head, etc.

The safe working load of a scaffolding prong depends on the item it is installed in, as the downward force pushes directly through the fixed U-head into the mount. The fixed U-head itself does not bear any weight. The prongs are constructed to fit any strut and are used to support scaffolding and secure beams etc overhead.

Advantages of scaffolding fork head

  1. Safety and high strength: Our jack bases are of various sizes and can carry 8-23 tons or even more
  2. Simple structure and easy installation
  3. High efficiency and strong load capacity
  4. Adjustable and customized: both size and shape can be adjusted
  5. The fixed fork can be rotated to be able to use it in different directions
  6. There are two surface treatment methods of painting and galvanizing, which can prolong its service life.

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