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Adjustable Steel Props

EK can customize different shapes of steel props according to the height, inner and outer tube dimensions, top and bottom plate dimensions required by the customer.

Steel props can be divided into lightweight, middle duty acrow prop, light-duty acrow formwork prop, and heavy-duty acrow prop according to their carrying capacity.

Steel props can be divided into spray-painted steel props, galvanized steel props and hot-dip galvanized steel props according to surface treatment. These surface treatments can prevent steel props from rusting, corrosion and general wear, and the prices corresponding to these different surface treatments are also different. .

Adjustable steel props are load-bearing elements that are mainly responsible for transferring the load received by the support module to the ground, acting as a support after it reaches the necessary strength to absorb the necessary stress until it is put into use. The height of all adjustable steel props can be telescoped and adjusted to facilitate the steel props to reach the specified height.

Steel props have a simple structure. A complete set of steel props consists of a top plate, a bottom plate, an inner tube, an outer tube, a sleeve, a nut and a pin. This kind of steel props can be arbitrarily adjusted in length within the allowed range, and can be disassembled and reused. At present, steel props are widely used in support systems such as buildings, factories, and bridges.

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