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Features Of Cuplock Scaffolding


The cuplock scaffolding system is a widely used scaffolding system all over the world. It is popular as an easy to set up, fast and economical system due to its unique locking mechanism. Cuplock scaffolding is widely used in the construction industry.

The Cuplock Scaffolding System is a modular or system scaffolding mainly consisting of pre-designed horizontal and vertical components which are combined in a systematic manner to provide users with temporary structures.

Compared to traditional scaffolding systems, the Cuplock scaffolding system is very simple and quick to use. Compared to pipes and fittings, Cuplock scaffolding is very easy and simple to install, while minimizing costs and saving time.

Cuplock scaffolding can be used for construction, renovation or maintenance, including façade scaffolding, birdcage structures, loading and unloading areas, curved structures, stairs, support structures and mobile towers. And it can flexibly and conveniently carry out painting, flooring, plastering and other finishing industries without destroying the main scaffolding.

Although the Cuplock Scaffolding System is a heavy duty system, Cuplock Scaffolding is very simple to erect. The unique node locking mechanism is at the heart of the Cuplock scaffolding system. Four horizontal tubes securely attach to standard or vertical tubes and lock securely in place with a single hammer blow. The fixed lower cups are welded at intervals of half a meter as standard. The sliding upper cup lands on the blade end of the ledger and rotates to lock them securely in place. No clips, wedges or bolts are required for the entire build.

The Cuplock Scaffolding System has the following features:

  1. Simple: Fast and simple to erect with only four component fastenings
  2. Lightweight: Manufactured using 3.2mm high grade steel, Cuplock/cup system scaffolding is 20% lighter than standard 4mm scaffolding tube.
  3. Economical: With only three main components
  4. Fast: Up to 30% faster than traditional scaffolding
  5. Durable: Hot dipped galvanizing provides a low maintenance, long life.
  6. Versatile: With 500mm ‘cup intervals on the verticals, Cuplock scaffolding is extremely versatile, Circular, Birdcages and Staircases.
  7. Flexible: 0.6m to 3.0m bays using boards or battens.

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