> steel ringlock vs aluminum ringlock

steel ringlock vs aluminum ringlock

Most of the scaffolding on the market today is mainly made of iron and steel, but this type of scaffolding is heavy to use and inconvenient to move, so aluminum Ringlock scaffolding has emerged, and many developed countries have begun to choose aluminum Ringlock scaffolding. Because this kind of scaffolding is made of light and strong aluminum alloy, the weight is much lighter than that of Steel Ringlock scaffolding, so it is very convenient to use.

What are the differences between aluminum Ringlock scaffolding and Steel Ringlock scaffolding?

1. Material
Steel Ringlock is made of round seamless steel pipe of national standard material Q345B, while aluminum Ringlock is made of aluminum alloy extrusions.

2. Weight
Aluminum Ringlock scaffolding is 3 times lighter than Steel Ringlock.

3. Application scenarios
Steel Ringlock scaffolding is the most popular ringlock system for all types of construction: residential, industrial, commercial, oil rigs, infrastructure, shipbuilding, maintenance, etc. Aluminum Ringlock scaffolding is mainly used for engineering maintenance and venue construction that require frequent movement indoors and outdoors.

4. Service life
The service life of Steel Ringlock scaffolding can be as long as 5-10 years, and the service life of aluminum Ringlock scaffolding is only 2-5 years
In addition, Aluminum Ringlock scaffolding also has the following advantages:

  • The Aluminum Ringlock scaffolding components have high connection strength, adopting internal expansion and external pressure technology, and the load-bearing capacity is much larger than that of traditional scaffolding.
  • 2. The external construction and disassembly are simple and fast, adopting the “building block” design, and no installation tools are required.
  • 3. Strong applicability, suitable for various types of working platforms, and the working height can be set up at will.
  • Now the export volume of aluminum Ringlock scaffolding is increasing.

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