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What Is Cuplock Scaffolding System


Cuplock scaffolding system does not require small accessories such as bolts, nuts or wedges to fix it, because Cuplock scaffolding system comes with a quick locking function. Compared with other scaffolds, the biggest feature of Cuplock scaffolding system is the use of Cuplock to link beams together, and up to four horizontal beams can be connected at one time.

cuplock scaffolding system
The unique Cuplock scaffolding system joint system consists of three basic components: top cup, bottom cup and pole. The cup assemblies are ring-shaped, each with a hollow center that allows a circular upright to pass through. The bottom cups are welded to the uprights at regular intervals, with the cups facing upwards. Four horizontal beams can be inserted down into the cup so that they are perpendicular to the uprights. Then lower the top cup down to the top of the bottom cup and screw it down with a hammer, holding the
horizontal beam firmly on the vertical pole.

In addition to reducing assembly time, this type of installation provides workers with versatility and safety. Cuplock scaffolding system can be used in continuous façade, birdcage access, staircase access, circular scaffolding etc.

In addition to quickly and efficiently combining multiple accessories, Cuplock scaffolding system also reduces the loss of small parts. In addition, Cuplock scaffolding system is usually made of galvanized metal, which has a protective coating that makes the metal weather resistant. It’s corrosion and rust resistance makes cuplock scaffolding useful for large outdoor projects.

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