> What Is Scaffolding Safety Gate?

What Is Scaffolding Safety Gate?

scaffolding safety gate

Scaffolding safety gate are installed on scaffolds or other high-altitude platforms to provide safety protection to prevent people or objects from falling from high altitudes. Common scaffolding gate are surface treated with a high-visibility yellow powder coating, which not only protects the scaffolding safety gate from corrosion, extends its service life, but also provides an easily identifiable entry point.

Scaffolding gate produced by EK Scaffolding can be used with traditional pipe scaffolding and common various system scaffolding. The most common is to use a standard half coupler to connect the scaffolding gate to the system scaffolding. First, the standard version coupler needs to be welded to the gate frame of the scaffolding safety gate, and then the system scaffolding is connected through the coupler. Installation is simple and requires little maintenance. Scaffolding gate installation requires no welding, cutting or modification, just bolt the hardware, position the ladder door and fasten to the support rods.

In order to improve the safety of scaffolding gate, ultra-strong nets are generally used to completely close them, or steel plates are used. This results in the scaffolding gate
itself having a certain weight. During use, the safety door can be closed using its own weight to ensure the safety of the entrance.

Scaffolding safety gates fit openings from 15 to 44 inches wide, with a height of 3 feet 6 inches (42 inches), and can be customized to fit your needs.

Scaffolding gate also have the following features:
Spring-loaded and automatic closing for increased safety and efficiency
Fitted mesh provides comprehensive protection
Features reversible toe panels top and bottom
Hot-dip galvanized steel and yellow powder-coated steel

KE manufactures scaffolding safety gate to high quality standards including rigorous testing of all components. All brackets and hardware are constructed from galvanized heavy-duty steel to provide maximum corrosion resistance and can be used in any environment.

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