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What Is The Weight Of The Scaffolding

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When you need scaffolding, the scaffolding manufacturer will recommend several types of scaffolding for you, and the weight of each scaffolding is different. You’ll need to decide which scaffolding makes more sense based on the size of your project. Next, EK will introduce to you what is the weight of different types of scaffolding?

There are three types of scaffolding that we are in common use, pipe scaffolding, prefabricated modular system scaffolding and frame scaffolding.

1.Pipe Scaffolding

Pipe Scaffolding is the most versatile type of scaffolding, it consists of base jacks, coupler and steel pipe. Each steel pipe is connected to a coupler, and each coupler can connect steel pipe to fix the scaffolding through horizontal, vertical and diagonal connections.

Pipe scaffolding has many application scenarios, is cheap, has strong stability, and is deeply loved by everyone. However, it is the most troublesome to assemble. It needs to be very careful during the whole process. The connection of each scaffolding coupler and steel pipe needs to be very stable, otherwise it will affect the stability of the entire scaffold.

2.Prefabricated Modular System Scaffolding

This type of scaffolding, like the pipe scaffolding, has strong stability. But prefabricated modular system scaffolding will be more convenient to assemble, because it uses prefabricated components, for example, you can buy prefabricated beams, pedals and other components, you can assemble and disassemble the scaffolding very easily.

The price of prefabricated modular system scaffolding is also more expensive than other scaffoldings, and many people will buy it because of its convenience.

3.Frame scaffolding

Frame scaffolding is very popular with painters and other professionals because of its low cost and portability. However, this scaffolding can only be built on the ground with 2-4 layers. If more than 4 layers, this kind of scaffolding will become unstable. In this case, it is necessary to tie the scaffolding to the building or lean on a stable structure.

The three types of scaffolding, no matter which one needs to comply with the scaffolding safety standards, need to stably support its own weight and 4 times the maximum load of the scaffolding, that is to say, if the scaffolding weighs 500 kg and the maximum load is 1000 kg, then this scaffolding is It must be able to support 4500 kg without any bending, deformation and other problems.

EK has a scaffolding factory with many years of production and operation. It strictly controls each scaffolding accessory and implements it in accordance with international testing standards. The quality is reliable and you can use it with confidence.

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